Our history

Pielarks was formed in November 2013, initially to sing wassails, and other traditional winter folk songs, as a change from the standard Christmas carols more usually sung in community choirs. But the urge to sing traditional folk songs in harmony remained long after the season had ended, so we broadened our repertoire. We started with just ten members, and we now have twenty, when we're at full strength. Our songs are mainly from English-speaking countries, but occasionally we challenge ourselves to sing in other languages. Emma Waghorn leads the sessions and arranges the songs, in up to six parts, to suit our range of voices. Some of us sing solo from time to time. We meet on Monday mornings, from 10 am to 12 noon, in north Kingston. A few of us also play instruments, and after the singing we have a short session of traditional folk tunes. We're a friendly, lively group, who sing and play for the sheer joy of it.

Our name

The name Pielarks is a portmanteau word denoting a nonexistent bird that sings sweetly in the morning, like a lark, but is garrulous and sociable too, like a magpie. We also generally have a bit of a lark, and occasionally we eat pies.

Our handsome pied lark logo was created by Alison Harrison.

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